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Workerman Studios Mission Statement

Workerman studios is guided by our mission to create a wide range of one of a kind, hand crafted, functional art that celebrates artistic creativity while respecting traditional techniques and style.

Workerman Touch/ Furniture Design

Workerman studios create a vast range of originally designed furniture pieces.   Many of these pieces are influenced by the craftsmen and designers of the past, each with their own Workerman touch that makes each one truly unique.   Every piece of furniture has a relevance that transcends across cultures and centuries.   Design elements stem from French/Irish country, ornate Victorian, classic American, Shaker, and the list continues.   Furthermore we have also let or artistic creativity produce pieces which are modern and innovative.   All of our furniture is designed with respect for materials, and celebrate the work of the human hand and mind, many have hand-carved sculptural elements and details.   The Workerman touch is a sense of design and quality of which you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

All furniture can be customized upon request. Please contact for further details and pricing.

Custom made pieces

Workerman studios have produced a wide range of furniture so we can better work with you and your ideas to customize your own furniture needs.   As artistic furniture makers we enjoy the challenge of creating new one of a kind pieces.   We will work together to ensure that each piece will be a perfect fit for your home.   Note: We also do custom kitchens and bars.

Examples of modifications:

         - changes in length, width, height

         - changes in colors/ color combinations

         - alternative wood species

         - changes in decorative details such as crown moldings, raised panels, backboards, hardware, and ect.

         - drawers/doors added

         - extra shelves or inserts such as wine racks, plate rails, or cup holders

All furniture designed and built by Joseph Johnson & Benjamin Johnson

Please contact for more information or questions

(610) 256-2104 Joe

(610) 389-1834 Ben

To see examples of our custom carpentry click here

Victorian Bar

Victorian bar is made out of solid ebonized mahogany and it features a rose granite top. This bar is built in a classical Victorian style. Other special features include, a deep red natural interior, mirror backsplash. polished glass adjustable shelves, hand cut dove-tailed construction in the drawers

Ruby Red side-board/dining room table

This table offers convenience for anyone with its two functions. As a sideboard table it provides great serving or display space, and it features four drawers for storage. Need some extra seating or you don't have space for a permanent dining area? The back legs of the table fold out and lock into place, while the white oak top is hinged to flip over creating a gorgeous dining room table that can easily seat eight to ten . The legs of the table are made out of solid cherry. This table features a hand brushed oil base finish which has been simonized to make it smooth as well as give hints of the yellow base color underneath.

Dove-tailed blanket-chest

Looking for a something different? This blanket-chest is like no other. Made out of clear pine it is constructed by hand-cut dovetails. It has five coats of oil base paint that have been brushed out by hand and then polished with a simonizing cream to make it smooth as glass.  

Rhombus Coffee Table

You will not see one of these everyday (unless you own it). This coffee table has hand shaped legs that have been lacquered for durability. The top is made out a beautiful and rare Curly German Beech. This table creates a fantastic seating area that will add visual interest to any room.  

Tricycle Coffee Table

Want to impress your guests? This coffee table is fun and convenient. With a three inch thick red oak top and durable 8-10 inch rubber wheels, this table maneuvers surprisingly easy. It may not be okay to play with your food but please do play with this table.

Table with a Twist

This table combines sculpture with functionality. The stretcher (twist) is hand-carved as well as the mortise and tenons which support the construction of the table. Pull the pins out and the piece is completely collapsible.   Table with a twist is made out of solid white oak (rift cut) while the pins that lock into place are made out of Rosewood.

Tea Leaf Cupboard

Tea Leaf Cupboard is bold and elegant. With plenty of storage space and adjustable shelves this piece would make a fabulous addition to any home. It is solid pine and has handcarved screens in the top panels. The top is White Oak with red pigment rubbed into the grain.

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